Origami Seat 350+

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A foldable stool that can also serve as a garbage can


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The versatile Origami Seat 350+ can act as a chair, a garbage can, and even a portable toilet. Here are some of the ways this handy item can save the day on your next camping trip.

POINT1  As a foldable stool

Transporting and setting up folding chairs for multiple people can be surprisingly stressful. The stylish Origami Seat 350+ takes about 5 seconds to set up, making placement and removal a breeze.

*Antibacterial and deodorant tests have not been conducted on the product itself.

The spacious, curved seat provides real comfort

Our Origami Seat line is known for its spacious, curved, backside-fitting seats, which deliver comfort and amazing stability.

Slim and compact, yet capable of supporting 100 kg (220 lbs)

The slim and compact Origami Seat 350+ can be carried easily in one hand, making it a hero even on days when transporting a chair for everyone in your group is out of the question.

POINT2  A garbage can for the outdoors

On outdoor outings, plain garbage bags can get blown away by the wind, and it can be hard to tell which bag is meant for which type of waste. The Origami Seat 350+ has enough weight and stability to minimize wind-related problems, while its assortment of colors allows for easy sorting.

Detaching the seat transforms it into a garbage can!

The seat of the Origami Seat 350+ is also an easily removable lid. Simply place a bag in the opening to convert it into a garbage can.

POINT3  In emergencies, it's even a portable toilet.

Public restrooms can be far away from campsites, and have long lines. In emergencies, the water may be shut off. Knowing you have a toilet ready when needed can alleviate the stress of the unforeseen.

Supports 100 kg (220 lbs) even without the seat.

Even with the seat removed, the Origami Seat 350+ is sturdy enough to serve as a portable toilet in emergencies.

On camping trips and in times of emergency, being prepared brings peace of mind

Having an Origami Seat 350+ as part of your disaster preparedness kit will give you peace of mind in times of emergency.

POINT4  Storage

Slim when folded, the Origami Seat 350+ will store neatly in the trunk of your car. Keeping a few in the small spaces between your furniture at home will give you seats that can be set up quickly when hosting guests.

POINT5  How to Care

Quick and easy to wash and dry, the Origami Seat 350+ simplifies the otherwise troublesome cleanup following camping trips. Unlike fabric-based folding chairs, this rain-resistant seat can be quickly wiped dry when wet for immediate use.

How to use

ーSetting Upー

(1) Unfasten the snap buttons and unfold the stool.
(2) While pulling upward on the edge of the seat with one hand, push down on the top of the seat with the other.
(3) Use the holes in the sides to pull the sides outward.
(4) The stool is ready to use!


(1) Push the sides inward.
(2) Turn the stool upside down.
(3) Push the seat outward from the inside.
(4) Close the stool and fasten the snap buttons.

ーDetaching and Attaching the Seatー

● Detaching the Seat
(1) Unfasten the buttons on the seat one by one. When doing so, please push the buttons up from underneath and pull up the seat. (*To unfasten the buttons, you will need to apply a certain amount of force.)
(2) After unfastening all of the buttons, remove the seat.

● Attaching the Seat
Place the buttons over the holes, and push the buttons into the holes one at a time to attach the seat.

ーUsing as a Toiletー

(1) Place a bag on top of the stool.
(2) Secure the bag by placing the edges between the seat section and the base of the stool.
*Bags not included. Please purchase the necessary bags (as sold in Japan in "emergency toilet kits") separately.

Product details

Polypropylene, Steel, Copper
Olive / Terracotta / Navy
【Assembled size】480x335x417mm (Seat height:350mm)
【Folded size】497x40x470mm
Holds up to
Please use neutral detergent when removing soiling.
● Please avoid use on uneven surfaces, steep inclines or in unstable areas. The product may be damage or fall over.
● Please follow the instruction during use and use only after properly assembled.
●There is a danger of falling over if not properly assembled.
● Please do not use for purposes other than sitting.
● Please be careful to avoid getting fingers caught in gaps when assembling and folding.
● Please have a guardian close by when being used by a child.
● Sitting on the corners of the seat may cause the shape to deform. Please sit in the middle of the seat without exaggerated force.
● Please keep away from flame or lit cigarettes.
● Bags not included. Please purchase the necessary bags (as sold in Japan in "emergency toilet kits") separately.
● Depending on the health status of the user, the presence of a caregiver while using the stool may be advisable. Please consult with a health professional.
● When using the stool as a seat after converting it from toilet form, please be sure that you have securely attached the seat section.
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