Freely Transformable? From a Single Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) into a Bag


Freely Transformable? From a Single Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) into a Bag

KOROMOGAKAE is a multifunction bag that can easily wrap items of various sizes. Since you can spread it out like a Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) and place items on it, items that you normally cannot carry with a bag can be easily wrapped.
Using it is also very simple.


Can be used in many ways


Can be used in many ways
It can of course be Used for Shopping, and also for Travelling and Traditional Lessons

Use it normally as a shoulder bag when shopping.
Very useful as auxiliary bag that will securely attach to your carry-on suitcase when traveling.
If you are going out with your baby, carry the toys and spread it out and to put things away, just close it up. Its very convenient when going out.

Simple to Use,Can be Used Anywhere, Anytime


Simple to Use
Can be Used Anywhere, Anytime

Compact when folded making it convenient to carry. When spread out, it can turn into a large capacity 17 liter bag.
3 different styles of lining with cute Japanese patterns. How you use it is up to you.
You may even find your own original way to use this...




Multifunction furoshiki (wrapping cloth) bag

3,600 JPY




hana / nami / yama   



Shape, Size, Specifications

【Total weight】about 330g
【Capacity】about 17L
【Size】about 90cm × 90cm
【Fabric and quality display】

quality display

Black fabric:Polyester 90%・cotton 10%
Patterned fabric:cotton 96%・polyurethane 4%