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User Guide

Regarding Payment Methods

You can use Credit Cards.

Please select the type of card and enter the card number, expiration date, card holder name and security code (only when necessary).
*Depending on the results of the payment process, payment with credit cards may not be possible. Encryption is used (SSL) when transmitting credit card numbers and so you can safely use credit cards for payments.

Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and will use it appropriately. We believe it to be a social responsibility and promise to endeavor to protect your personal information.

Definition of Personal Information
Personal information is information regarding individuals such as name, birthdate, sex, phone number, email address, occupation, workplace and information identifying individuals.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
We will collect and use personal information only within the extent for the following purposes. The collection and use of personal information by our company is based on customers voluntarily providing us with such information and when customers provide us with personal information, we will assume that the customer has authorized us to use the personal information in accordance with this policy.
・Tasks necessary for delivering our products that have been ordered
・Providing information deemed beneficial and necessary to customers such as information regarding new products
・The collection of opinions for improving of services, confirmation and inquires by us necessary in carrying out business
・Response to various inquiries

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
We will never disclose or provide any personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from the individual unless it is based on legal or other legitimate reasons.

Supervision of Subcontractors
We may provide a portion of personal information to outside subcontractors in order to carry out business such as when providing products and services to customers. In this case, we shall manage the subcontractor to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.

Management of Personal Information
To prevent leakage, loss, harm, etc. of personal information, we put in place a person responsible for the protection of personal information and strive to provide ample safety protection, maintain accurate and up to date personal information provided to us and appropriately manage your personal information.

Inquiries, Modification or Deletion of Information Content
When there is a request regarding inquiries, modifications or deletion of personal information provided to us, we will confirm the information belongs to the person making the request and promptly respond within the extent that is reasonable.

Our shopping cart is certified by VeriSign's digital ID. When data of your shopping cart is entered and transmitted, transmission between your browser and server is sent with SSL encrypted communications to ensure that the content your have entered is sent securely.