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Product's name in Japanese:PATATTO SEIZA
"PATATTO" is an onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of closing quickly.

Origami Seiza Seat

One step assembly folding Seiza Isu (kneeling chair).


● One Step Assembly Folding Seiza Isu (kneeling chair)

This is a folding type seiza isu (kneeling chair) with excellent portability. Light weight, thin and compact when folded. Simple to assemble, just press down while opening and it's done. Please see the video for details.

● Gentle Curved Surface for Pleasing Comfort

Firmly supports seiza (*1) for ceremonial occasions and traditional lessons. Maintains your posture and prevents feet from getting numb. The wide surface similar to a bicycle sadle, fits your buttocks for comfortable sitting.A great feature is that the stool is not noticeable when sitting.

● Thin and Light weight. Convenient for carrying, storing and transporting.

180g and light weight, only 3cm thick when folded. Just a small space is needed with not in use and stored. It can be freely carried around since it will fit into clutch bags without gussets.

What is Seiza?*1

One of Japan's unique way of maintaining posture. This is sitting a posture that sets your spine straight and your legs are folded and tucked under you. You sit by kneeling, setting your knees on the floor and resting your buttocks on the back your feet and the tops of your feet are placed flat on the floor. It is a form of traditional Japanese lifestyle culture as the Japanese remove footwear in rooms and sit tatami floors.

Origami Seiza Seat

1,200 JPY


Product shown on the NHK program "Machikado Johoshitsu".

Product details

Polypropylene, Steel
Black / Purple
【Assembled size】190x160x235mm (Seat height:135mm)
【Folded size】 255x195x30mm
Holds up to

* The bag does not come with the product.


● Please follow the instruction during use and use only after properly assembled. There is a danger of falling over if not properly assembled.
● Please avoid use on uneven surfaces, steep inclines or in unstable areas. The product may be damage or fall over.
● For safety concerns, do not use products that are damaged or deformed.Accidental injuries may results from such use.
● Please do not use for purposes other than sitting.
● Please be careful to avoid getting fingers caught in gaps when assembling and folding.
● Please have a guardian close by when being used by a child.
● Please do not throw, hit or handle this product forcefully. Violent handling may result in damage or deformation of the product.
● Please do not process or modify this product.
● Sitting on the corners of the seat may cause the shape to deform.
● When the product becomes soiled, lightly wipe clean with a damp cloth. If cleaning is difficult, use a cloth moistened with diluted neutral detergent and gently wipe clean. Please do not use thinner, benzene or alcohol type solvents. Color fading, discoloration and warping of the product may occur.
● Please avoid areas with direct sunlight when storing.
● Please avoid using and storing this product close to fire or flame.

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