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MEMORU tissue case

After writing… Erasable! Functional tissue case.


It's a tissue case that can be written on with a whiteboard marker pen. You can use it to write a quick note or a memo reminder. Use a tissue when you want to erase. Can be used over and over.
Since all 6 sides can be used, you can write in any direction. Cute pastel colors in the shape of the house will make you smile at home or at your workplace and add a gentle touch to the atmosphere. Put it in your living room and use it as a message board.
To attach, just place it over the tissue box using one hand. The 6 tabs inside the case will hold the tissue box and prevent it from falling out.

MEMORU tissue case

1,800 JPY


Product details

Case:ABS resin
Board marker pen:Polypropylene
Ink:Water-based ink
White / Gray / Pink / Yellow
About 200g
1 board marker (Black)

※Tissues do not come with the product.


● Please keep away from flame or lit cigarettes.
● To prevent injury or damage to the product, please avoid dropping or subjecting the product to strong physical shock.
● Please avoid areas where there is direct sunlight or high temperatures. This may result in discoloration or deformation of the product.
● Please avoid using other than whiteboard markers.
● Do not scratch the surface with hard or sharp objects. This will damage the surface and erasing marker writing will not be possible.
● Please do not leave writing on the whiteboard for prolong periods without erasing. You will be unable to erase the writing.
● There may be shapes and sizes of tissues boxes that are not compatible.
● This case is compatible with standard commercial tissues boxes:Up to 65mm in height
● Please wipe clean with a soft dry cloth for daily care.

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