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Shoelace Totebag KATACHI

Stylish 3WAY tote bag.


You can use it for a variety of occasions, such as work, shopping, leasure, and more. This bag can be enjoyed in three different styles, depending on how you fold the gusset before you tie the laces. Since you can arrange it in a variety of ways, you will never grow bored of it as it accompanies you in every occasion.
You can change the shape and size of the bag by folding and tying it in different ways. When you only have little baggage to carry, you can fold it in 2 to make it smaller. When you want to use it as a lunch bag, you can fold it so that the gusset becomes larger. Thanks to the 2 pockets inside, you can also keep the inside nice and tidy.
The bag's appearance changes a lot depending on how you tie the lace. Enjoy trying out different ways to tie it. And if you change the lace to one of your favorite color or material, the bag will turn into your unique fashion piece.

Shoelace Totebag KATACHI

3,000 JPY


Product shown on the NHK program "Machikado Johoshitsu".


Product details

Outer material:Cotton 80%・Polyester 20%
Lining:Polyester 100%
Lace:Polyester 100% (length 175cm)
Navy / Red / green
2 (inside)


● For small items such as keys or pens, please store them in the pockets inside the bag. If put in the main compartment, they may fall in the gap between the cloth.
● Please do not wash.
● Please do not tumble dry.
● Please do not bleach or iron.
● As water, sweat, friction, etc., may cause the color to fade or to transfer, please use with care.
● Clean by gently wiping with a damp cloth.
● Please ask a professional for instructions on dry cleaning.
● There is a possibility that the PU degrades over time.
● Inserting sharp or pointy objects may damage the bag.
● As it may become a cause for discoloration or deformation, please keep away from the fire.
● Please only use this product as a bag.
● As rough handling may damage the bag, please handle it gently.
● Please pay attention as the metal parts may get stuck or cause injuries.
● Because of the production process, there may be individual differences in size of one to 2 cm.

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