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Product's name in Japanese:TOTE Cooler bag

Cooler Tote

Oversized tote bag -- keeps contents hot or cold.


Offered in a gray and navy colorway. The surface features a smooth fabric. Holds up to 6 two-liter plastic bottles. The bag is treated with an aluminum deposition finish to ensure that food and drink stored inside remain hot or cool. The external pocket will hold up to three folding Origami Seat mini or Origami Seat 180 (*sold separately) to enhance time spent outdoors. The straps can be adjusted to let you hold the bag or sling it over the shoulder.

Cooler Tote

2,800 JPY


Origami Seat 180

*Trademark registration #:5716711
*Patent #:6360981


Product details

Polyester, Aluminized film, Polyethylene foam
Navy / Gray


● Please do not use for anything other than the original intended purpose.
● Please keep away from fire.
● The item may be damaged or broken by overloading or carrying sharp objects.
● Effectiveness of cold storage is influenced by the way in which the bag is used and ambient temperature. Please avoid using the bag for prolonged periods.
● Not suitable for washing machines, driers, or similar.
● If dirty, please wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please do not use chlorine based bleach.
● Discoloration, color loss, color migration, or similar may occur due to such causes as sweat and rainwater stains, UV rays, and friction.

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