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light and compact, and you can carry automatically


Complete reproduction of concrete
Board that looks hard but is actually soft!

It looks just like concrete.
In fact, this is a soft, lightweight display board.

You can stick pins into the polyurethane surface.



Create a novel interior decor with a design that differs from regular cork boards

A realistic texture of inorganic concrete.
Create a completely new interior decor that has never before been seen.

The large size makes it suitable for photos and postcards as well as larger items like posters and design illustrations.
Utilize the amazing flexibility to enjoy individualized interior decor.


PIN BOARD(M) Size/Specification

【material】 Polyurethane/wood/cardboard
【net weight】 700g




a soft, lightweight display board which looks just like concrete

M:¥3,240 (Tax include) Currently backordered     



●Do not hang them near oil heaters or other heat sources.
●Do not hang them in spots that can be reached by children.
●When storing them, keep them in a place that is out of reach of children.
●Do not use them for purposes other than those intended.
●If they become dirty, wipe them with a slightly damp cloth. Do not clean them with thinners or benzene alcohol solvents.
Doing so may cause loss of color, discoloration, or deformation.
●Before hanging them on a wall or other surface, make sure the surface can bear the load to prevent injury or damage to the product if they should happen to fall.
●Hang them in spots where they will not be a danger if they should happen to fall.
●This product is made of flexible polyurethane foam. Due to the properties of the material, pressing the surface hard with your finger or an object may leave a dent.
●When the string hanging the main body of pinboard is used for a long time, the slack may occur to the knot. Please do periodical check.
●The thickness of the pinboard is 13mm. When it becomes the use, the length of the needle, please use a thing within 12mm, and the special pin having a long needle might go through a commercial pushpin, a thumbtack in the backside.