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Looks like a real candle

A completely new method where the LED light itself flickers (PCT international patent pending). The soft, natural flickering flames are each unique.
The flames are so realistic they look genuine even up close. See what really sets them apart when you turn them off.
Experience the realistic sensation only possible with Chandelle.

chandelle special movie


Safety of an LED Light


Safety of an LED light

It is not an actual flame, so there is no fear of burns or fires.
Safely place one by your bedside or in rooms with children or pets.


Light off


Built-in brightness sensor

When switched to AUTO mode, it uses its photosensor to turn on automatically in darkness and off automatically in light. It provides about 100 hours of continuous lighting.
It uses AA batteries (two).

Chandelle color valiation


LED candle

¥3,888 (Tax included)

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【material】ABS resin
【color variation】 all 5 colors (white,pink,yellow,purple,green)
【size】W about 9.9×D about 8.3×H about 13.7 (cm)
【net weight】300(g)
【electricity consumption】0.15(W)

How to use

1.Insert two batteries (size AA) into the bottom of the product.
2.Turn the switch to ON for continuous light.
3.Turn the switch to AUTO to use the photosensor and make it turn on automatically in darkness and off automatically in light.


●This is not a real candle. Do not light it.
●This is a precision device. It may malfunction if subjected to a strong impact.
●It may malfunction if it becomes wet.
●Use on a flat surface.

About the Chandelle

●The size and flickering pattern of the LED light differs between individual products. Please enjoy a unique flickering pattern.
●The brightness sensor (AUTO) mode is set to go on in darkness, so the LED will turn off even with a minimal light.
The sensitivity of the brightness sensor may be slightly different depending on the color of the candle.
●When using multiple Chandelles on AUTO mode at the same time, they may react to each other’s LED lights and blink or turn off.
Be sure to distance them far enough from one another so that they stay lit.